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Inline Rotor Flow Measurement

Inline rotor flow measurement devices may be used for flow indication, flow switching and as flow transmitters. This simple flow measurement technique removes the need for straight pipe lengths of "run in"/"run out" at the entry/exit of the flow measurement device. Please contact us for more details on 03 9720 4522 or via

PO picture
PO Inline Rotor Flow Indicator

The GHM Honsberg PO flow indicator utilises a visible rotor that turns in proportion to the flow rate.

  • Function:Flow indicator
  • Basic Data: PN16 bar, tmax = 60°C
  • Process Connections available: G3/8 - G1 F plastic thread
  • Flow Range: 0.1-100 l/min H2O
RRO picture
RRO Inline Rotor Flow Switch / Transmitter

The GHM Honsberg RRO can be ordered as either a flow switch or as a transmitter, with a choice of current, voltage or frequency outputs. It has a long working life due to its high quality ceramic axis and special plastic bearing.