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Power Management

REVO-PC is a system, working in conjunction with thyristor-based solid state switches, designed to minimise your energy costs by limiting maximum demand and evenly distributing your power demand over time. It uses a highly sophisticated yet simple-to-implement algorithm to accomplish this. Other benefits of using REVO-PC include elimination of power overshoot and a power factor close to unity due to zero cross firing.

REVO-PC maintains instantaneous power demand within the limit of your electricity supply contract, preventing increases in maximum demand tariffs imposed by your electricity supplier, and thus delivers a fast return on investment. Feel free to contact us on 03 9720 4522 or with any further enquiries.

REVO-PC picture
REVO-PC Power Management System


REVO-PC is designed to control multi-zone, multi-loop heating loads. It minimises peak loads and harmonics by distributing demand evenly over time.
One REVO-PC unit can control:

Each zone is processed independently with calculation of instant current, RMS current & power.

Easy to implement

Only a few parameters need to be entered to configure the REVO-PC system from CD Automation:


REVO-PC's Live Predictive Synchronization automatically controls all zones, resulting in improved performance.

Smart power limitation

Smart power limitation works in conjunction with synchronization. REVO-PC makes a live predictive calculation of power at each period & generates output values for the next period.

Overall, REVO-PC's power control optimisation saves on power costs and evenly distributes power demand.

Manufacturer: CD Automation

Before and after REVO-PC power management