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Quality converters and isolators for both digital and analogue signals.

P20 picture
P20 Programmable Transducer for Temperature, Shunt and Standard Signal Inputs

The P20 programmable transducer is designed to convert  temperature, resistance, voltage from shunt and standard signals into a standard 0/4020mA current or 0-10V voltage signal.
The output signal is galvanically insulated from the input signal and the supply.
The transducer is fully configurable through the PD14 programmer and free LPConfig software.
By means of the programmer one can change:

P20Z picture
P20Z RMS Transducer for AC Current or Voltage

The P20Z meaures RMS current or voltage and converts it to a standard d.c. current or d.c. voltage signal.
The transducer output signal is galvanically insulated from the input signal and the supply.


A30 picture
A30 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Converter for Serial Communications

Two versions of the A30 converter are available:

A30 U = from USB to RS485/TTL
A30 - = from USB/RS232/RS485 to RS485/TTL


CT500P picture
CT500P AC Current Transmitter


CVT500 picture
CVT500 Universal Current & Voltage Transmitter for sinusoidal AC and DC

The CVT500 will take inputs of up to 400V* AC or DC or 0-1A or 0-5A currents from CTs and retransmit as an isolated standard signal.

*(When custom range is specified-standard dual range 0-125V AC/DC and 0-250V AC/DC)


TV500L picture
TV500L Isolating Signal Converter with Unipolar or Bipolar Inputs/Outputs