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Paddle Flow Measurement

Flow dependent paddle movement activates adjustable limit contacts and / or pointer metering units. This flow measurement technique offers good repeatability, low pressure drop & precise continuous setting of switching value. Paddle flow sensing is dirt resistant and is well suited for use with contaminated liquids.

CRE picture
CRE Paddle Flow Switch

The Honsberg CRE flow switch is suitable for flow monitoring in pipe sizes from 25mm up to 200mm. It is supplied with a set of paddles of various lengths that can be tailored to specific pipe diameters & flow rates.

UR3K picture
UR3K Paddle Flow Switch

The Honsberg UR3K utilises a spring-supported paddle with magnetic reed switch triggering. Benefits are good
repeatability, resistance to dirt, low pressure loss, hermetic separation of electrical and hydraulic components
& easy switch adjustment.

Three types of process connection are available: G3/8-G2" BSPF, DN15-80 weld/solder on socket mount and DN10-40 solder on copper fitting.