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Carbon Monoxide Measurement

Hand held device for measuring carbon monoxide

GCO100 picture
GCO100 High Quality CO (Carbon Monoxide) Measuring Device

High quality CO measuring device for measuring carbon monoxide concentration up to 1000 ppm (0,1 Vol %) in ambient air. Via freely adjustable alarm function, the
instrument warns the user both visually and audibly in the event of a dangerous gas concentration. The gas concentration is measured at the frontal sensor opening, enabling the external connection of hose adapters. The CO meter comes with a calibration protocol.

Range of Application:

Technical Details:

Measuring Principle: electrochemical CO measuring cell

Measuring Range:

CO concentration: 0 ... 1000 ppm, 0 ... 1250 mg/m³
CO Hb: 0 ... 50,0 %
Measuring Cell Durability: > 5 years
Accuracy: ±5% of reading ± 5ppm (in the range of 0 ... 500ppm)
Current Consumption: > 0,25mA
Power Supply: 9V battery (approx. 1500 hours of operation)
Functional Range: freely adjustable alarm limits, optical alarm, acoustical alarm, data-HOLD, Max-Value-Memory, Auto-Power-Off
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