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Calorimetric Flow Measurement

Calorimetric flow measurement measures the energy required to keep a constant temperature difference between an unheated sensor and a heated sensor, both in good thermal contact with the flow media and well insulated from each other. The energy required to maintain this temperature difference is proportional to the flow.

EFK2 picture
EFK2 Calorimetric Flow Switch

The EFK2 is a calorimetric flow switch which has no moving parts in the flow stream. Switch output is either a relay or push/pull transistor. Setpoint adjustment is by potentiometer with a
red/green LED indicating switch status.

Labo F012 picture
LABO-F012-I/U/F/C Calorimetric Flow Switch

LABO-F012 sensors offer an economical means of measuring the flow rate of non-viscous fluids. The flow transmitter is packaged in a compact 12mm diameter housing with M12x1 round plug signal outlet. The 16-bit processor carries out temperature compensation and linearisation of the calorimetric signal (measurement of the heat removal at the sensor tip by the flowing medium).

The LABO-F012 electronics can be supplied with the following outputs: