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Calorimetric Level Measurement

Versatile, user-friendly calorimetric sensors with a range of applications, manufactured by GHM Honsberg.

LABO-LK012 picture
LABO-LK012 Level Switch

The LABO-LK012 level switch uses the calorimetric measurement principle to detect level.


The tips of the sensors of the LABO-LK012 sensor family recognise a difference between fluid and air (gas). Temperature changes are compensated. The system is tolerant of contamination which lets water through. 

When set in sensitive mode, the LABO-LK012 sensor can be used as a drip sensor. Here, drops which hit the tip of the sensor create an output signal, and thereby indicate the presence of leaks. The same design can be used as a calorimetric flow sensor or as an electronic temperature switch.

Manufacturer: GHM Messtechnik